Death and Vanity Pt. 1 Black Dahlia

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I have always thought cemeteries to be beautiful and peaceful.
I love the calm feeling you get when you visit and the architectural aspects, the artistic details and of course the landscapes.
If you're like me -always looking for spooky outings or mysterious historical places to visit, then this one is definitely one to plan on checking out...

Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA is full of breathtaking views. 154 years old and the eternal resting place for more than 170,000 designed by New York’s Central Park planner Frederick Law Olmsted. It's more than a cemetery. During my visit I noticed many hikers, joggers, dog walkers and picnics! Mourners too, of course.

I originally asked my friend Sabrina to meet me there to shoot some jewelry pics with some Fall/Halloween/Gothy backdrops. Being fans of all things vintage, we were both excited to stumble upon some old Hollywood history while we were there...

Mountain View cemetery in Oakland is an amazingly beautiful place and turns out that one of Hollywood's most infamous murder cases ends right there.

The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short, also known as the “Black Dahlia,” is one of the most famous people buried in Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery.
How she arrived there has been a story of much mystery and intrigue.
Recent projects in film, tv and a new podcast ‘Root of Evil’ (that I highly recommend) explores some new findings to the murder and mystery behind "The Black Dahlia" case.


Why she is buried in Oakland?

I read that she had a sister that was living in Berkeley, CA. Elizabeth's mother planned to visit the sisters and was in CA the day that Elizabeth was found in the most gruesome way in LA. 
During her visit she received a phone call from a reporter that wanted to know more about Elizabeth's life for what the reporter said was for a feature in a paper. After asking many questions about Elizabeth's life, the reporter informed the mother of her daughter's death. So sad and despicably wrong in my opinion. 
I found this old photo of her funeral at Mountain View.
Her Mother, sister and a few men that are said to be either investigators or reporters were in attendance.

Locating her plot...

Visit Elizabeth Short's final resting place:

5000 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, Alameda County, California, 94611 USA
You can enter the cemetery through the large gates by car and drive the long road to the 4th fountain. Pretty much the end of the road. You can drive around the fountain and park just in front of the stairway that goes up the side of the hill.
Take the stairs. Pretty steep. Be careful. 

The tombstone is around 5 rows up, on the left. It's relatively noticeable once close.


So many gorgeous views...


Other famous graves at Oakland's Mountain View
Fred T. Korematsu:
American civil rights activist who objected to the internment of Japanese-Americans
Julia Morgan: Architect
(Berkeley's Greek Theatre, Hearst Castle)
Bernard Maybeck: Architect
(Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco)
As well as a number of celebrities – Black Panther Bobby Hutton is buried there.
Bay Area hyphy originator Mac Dre and dozens of local legends and dignitaries, including chocolate king Domingo Ghirardelli, coffee pioneer James A. Folger and Samuel Merritt.  


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