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When I need style inspiration I always do a search on Marilyn Monroe.

Who isn't a fan of Marilyn Monroe's impeccable style? She did it so flawlessly whether she was all glammed up from head to toe or casually posing in her home.

Some of my favorite photos of Marilyn are the ones where she is casually dressed, lounging in her home reading a book or being active outdoors.


In her most famous candid photos she is seen almost always wearing a stunning or unique piece of jewelry. Her style is effortless! 

I just love the simple design of this necklace and thought I could recreate a simple yet elegant necklace in many different tones to mimic the effortless and versatile style that it would bring to any outfit.

Marilyn's necklace is amber... $$$

I read somewhere online that the necklace sold for thousands $$$!

I love to use vintage materials in my designs and I found these gorgeous faux Tortoiseshell discs to give the same warm vibes as the amber in the photo.

I also found these amazing vintage Loden green marbled disc beads and had to use them in this designs as well. 

I set out to recreate the mood in the image above so I called upon a friend that exhibits this same effortless style...


Tortoise Tones


Elsa is always dressed so classy and stylish and I knew she was perfect for this!

I invited her to the Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, CA.

The Little Farm was the most perfect backdrop for this shoot seeing that the original Marilyn photos were also shot on a farm. There was also a cool summer breeze in the air that made it even more perfect! 


Tortoiseshell style


Elsa is stylish in a vintage gingham skirt and pin-up top. Easy to glam these vintage essentials up with any of your favorite Ceci Punch Designs. 

Perfect your casual look with my Tortoise Coin Necklace and Loden Green Charm Necklace available in the shop now.

Effortless and Versatile

I love a good hoop earring! The newest in my hoops collection are the ones shown with the Loden Green necklace- Coco Hoops The perfect summer statement pair for day or night. They are so versatile and will give you that effortless style with ANY outfit. 

MY Iconic Hoops are made of vintage faux tortoise hoops that I connected to silver studs. Lightweight and also so very versatile! 


Tortoiseshell Styled Jewelry

AAAAND lets not forget the most essential piece of all...

Tortoise Cuff 



Just so you have another style inspiration idea...

Statement Necklace


Black Stone Disc necklace in the same design. A more statement version. These stones are heavier and I hung them on thicker golden chain. 

The black diamond shaped earrings are lightweight vintage plastic that I linked to vintage crystal rhinestones. Gorgeous geometric style!



About the Marilyn Image: 

Marilyn Monroe on the 350 acre summer estate where she vacationed with husband, Arthur Miller in Roxbury, CT, c. 1957. This home was a favorite retreat for Marilyn and Arthur, since they could relax in nature without being pursued by the press or fans. Sam Shaw liked to photograph Marilyn up-close to capture her incredible eyes and beautiful smile. On this day there was a wonderful summer breeze as Marilyn and Arthur were relaxing on the farm. Marilyn was wearing a necklace with multi-hued amber stones, which complimented her white dress and blonde hair. In the Sam Shaw book, "The New York Years"

Marilyn Photo credits: AMAGANSETT, NY - 1957: Marilyn Monroe poses wearing an amber bead necklace in 1957 in Amagansett, New York. (Photo by Sam Shaw/Shaw Family Archives/Getty Images)


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