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Vintage Vanity Photoshoot BTS

-Vintage Vanity-

Vintage jewelry ads were the inspiration behind this shoot!
My vision was based on the looks below.
Inspiration Images
There is so much jewelry history in the Monet legacy.
I've admired these ads for years!
What I love about these old ads were the simplicity, vibrant colors and artistic technique. I feel like the images in the vintage ads created an intimate mood. A feeling of being alone in your boudoir, admiring yourself as you sit at your vanity to get ready for a night out or special occasion. The images give me a sense of a gazing in the mirror as you add the finishing touches to your style.
The jewelry. Saving the best for last.
The pièce de résistance to your style!
I am so glad that I found a FABULOUS model and AWESOME photographer to help me recreate these photos! These two are ah-may-zing.
Elsa Mae/11.b Photography/Jeff Yee/Ceci Punch Designs

But first let's take a selfie.

It was a pleasure working with Elsa and Jeff.

They made my vision come to life so effortlessly! Flawless and fun!

Instagram @_elsamae and @11.b_photography

Elsa is a member of the Luscious Ladies Bay Area Chapter

Check them out!

Elsa Mae and Ceci of Ceci Punch Designs
Be patient my dears. New collection coming soon!

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Elsa Mae wears Ceci Punch Designs

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