VLV20 Rewind

Posted by Cecilia Rau on

My 3 favorite outfits in my best pose! I guess it's my favorite pose huh?
My glam squad!!! @hisvintagetouch and @natashamarcelina
Aaaaand that My Friends, is how you do Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend!
Tips and Notes:
Shop, mingle, see some shows, dance (maybe next year), shop some more, drink, watch the bands play and dance some more (or try to), eat (or in our case lick toast until the last day), get as glam as you can and don't give a damn, wear comfy shoes, DRINK WATER, CHARGE YOUR PHONE (or bring a portable charger), hug people, talk to people (don't be scared to tell people you follow them but make sure you don't sound creepy AF while introducing yourself), take pics, LOTS OF PICS, walk the car show, stare at people (but make sure you don't stare too long or that's just creepy too), don't forget your ID or deodorant (yes it happend), touch the dress, do something you've never done before, buy that parasol, compliment your ass off and gracefully take compliments, buy the VLV merch first because it sells out, eat at the Ondori Asian Kitchen at the hotel (it's really good), don't pack too many shoes (you end up only wearing a few pairs anyway), line up early for popular events ( IT'S WORTH IT), eat the soft pretzel at the Bailiwick Gastropub in the Orleans (live music and air conditioning), stop Tom and tell him how much fun you are having, try to sleep but do as much as you can, take a break from the event and go to the strip, most of all HAVE FUN & BE SAFE!

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